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Message from President

We support our clients in building an exciting future.

Our company was founded as Tomihisa Inc., a general partnership company, in Kanda Nishiki-cho, Tokyo, in 1923 amid the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake.
Soon after,radio broadcasting began in Japan, and in the following decades many revolutionaryproducts appeared, such as TVs, computers, cellphones, and electric vehicles.
Our company once manufactured vacuum tube radios and operated an electronics retail business in Akihabara, but today we fulfill our modest role in society as a specialized trading company handling electronic components from more than 100 manufacturers.
The electronics industry, along with Japan’s development, continues to show remarkable growth.
Our company has always transformed to be in step with the changing times and,thanks to the support of our clients, we were able to celebrate our 100 th anniversary in 2023.

Sincerity has been our philosophy since our inception, and it informs how we deliver products in line with our clients’ requests.
Although the role of trading companies has evolved over the decades, sincerity remains our watchword as we provide services that go above and beyond.

Based on our track record and the trust we have earned from our suppliers, we provide value-added services that meet and exceed the diverse needs of our clients.
All of us at Tomihisa Corporation are committed to ensuring our clients are glad they chose us.

We will do our utmost to support our clients in building an exciting future.
Please follow us on our journey over the next 100 years of Tomihisa Corporation.

Kimio Kato

代表取締役社長 佐々木 龍彦